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There are places that seem ordinary, that they aren’t worth for our time in this busy world. But there are places that clearly say that they are worthy of our time and can offer us everything we can think about. What is that thing that we make our decisions?

Is it the visual effect or a satisfaction of a friend whose life consist of adventures. His stories made us laugh and question ourselves deep inside why all this interesting things happen to him, which probably weren’t funny at the precise time they occur. Let the new sensations get to your skin. We are here. For You. In the city Piran.  A little town by the sea that can fulfill you vacation fantasy. By the sea is a hotel with rooms and beautiful sight of the steady waves. You only wish that the beautiful mermaid Venus would come out of them.

Just to sit on the lovely terrace by the room with the sound of the sea in the background, drinking a cold drink and observing the beautiful creations of nature. How wonderful… and this amazing colorful sunset. The colors are more outstanding then one could ever dream about. The bright red sun, surrounded with hell pink and purple, that continues in hell blue which goes into dark blue. The view goes little higher where the first stars begin to shine. You swim far away where the wind goes through your hair. The sound of the sea gulls which are looking for their dinner awake you from your dreams.

Your glass is empty, what a pity. You go back to your apartment, which has a black-white decoration. A bottle of high quality Slovene wine is in the fridge, waiting for you… is this the last piece of paradise? Or is this the hard expected vacation of your dreams? To relax in that small ancient town Piran by the Slovenian seaside.  

Apartments are waiting for only 40 feet from the sea. Ready to fulfill your dreams. The air-condition will keep your room at the right temperature while you are sitting on one of our 2 sun terraces and enjoying the sun. We offer you six similar equipped apartments with lots of extras. Two of the apartments have separate bedrooms which include a LCD TV like in the living room. All of this is just for you while you stay by us.

We also thought of the mass that are tired of looking for a parking spot and are avoiding towns like Piran because of this problem. There is a parking spot waiting from you by the house that will spare the problem of parking and won’t be a problem for your wallet. Why? Because our guests have the chance to park for free by the house. There will be no need to carry the overfilled luggage of your spouse. Only a few steps are between you and your room and you can chose what color you want your room. That depends on the vacancy, of course. You know, first to come, first to chose.

If you come to us without a car you have the opportunity to rent the European car of the Year, the new FIAT 500, or how the locals call it, “Fičo”. You won’t have any problems with parking this magnificent car on our sunny resident because of his littleness. Rent-a-car is only a part of our offer. We have also internet access for all who have the desire for the internet.   

The seaside villa is waiting for all of you, vacationers, hedonists, travelers, gastronomes, business men, love birds and all of you, who like to be in the middle of action but still want to get a good night sleep. And the best part is that you can come and check our offer up. The rooms with a view are waiting for you.   

Here you can make reservation or look at the appartments and rooms.